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Arif Mirza's Company.

While the Google search engine is very popular, Site.co.uk brings all of what Google has and allows the users to simply Drag any site to the top and create their own search results. Search Site.co.uk as you would search Google. When you find a result you like, just Drag It to the central column. Site.co.uk has three columns, the first column on the left is search results from Google ; the second column shows user generated Drags and the third column is ads. Let's assume you searched for Car Dealers. The results are pulled from Google.com. If you like a search result on the third page, Simply Drag that site to the central column and next time someone searches for Car Dealers, the search result you dragged will show at the top of the second column, while the regular search results from Google will show in the first column. Your Drag will move down the list only when others drag new results on the exact same keywords.

site.co.uk is a manual search engine optimized by you, where you decide what is important and what should be on top. Simply drag what you like from web, images, videos and news search results to the top and let others in on the secret. Ranking your site on the first page has never been this easy.

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